Pets Need To Party Also

Monday, March 8, 2010

As you can see in the right column of my home page, I have three furry friends that live with me. Due to an uncontrollable family situation at the present time it has been just them and me running the house and we have managed admirably. We putter through our daily activities, me tending to my daily chores and them faithfully following to see what new adventure we might be embarking upon. There never is one, but they keep hoping.

Yesterday was the exception to the rule. I do not know if it was my fault for not seeing the need for adventure or my furry friends just needing to express them selves. Either way, they took matters into their own paws.

The one family member that had been missing finally got to spend an evening at home and then attend the last home basketball game of the season. We had spent the night before the game catching up on human events and having a cooked at home meal, eating homemade oatmeal cookies. In between the human festivities the furry friends were happy with a game of ball. All was good with that evening.

As all awoke yesterday morning nothing had changed. The morning was uneventful and normalcy ensued as we prepared for departure to the basketball game. All the furry friends were affectionately given their praises, their toys and their treats; then off we went. The afternoon was spent enjoying the game and a long over due meal out of the house. Little did we know.

Apparently, my furry friends had decided while we were out that a party was in order and what do you need for a party? You need goodies. Did I mention I made homemade oatmeal cookies? Well, they heard me. When we arrived home from our human outing all we found were the remains of the furry friend party.

Alas, no more homemade oatmeal cookies. Please, do not be alarmed I checked the lid, all was intact. I'm just glad the beer was out of site.

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