Rejection: Watch me Smile!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ah, rejection! Yesterday I received my first rejection regarding some written articles I submitted to an on-line publishing site; it sent me into a tailspin for the rest of the day. Though I do not like rejection I took a defense stance and plotted a recovery attack.
OBX 2007 110

The first thing I did was change my desktop photo to the above photo. This will help remind me that the sun will come up tomorrow. Next I told myself I was not rejected, just misunderstood. Then I realized that was an understatement. The next step I took to recover from the rejection changed the outlook of the entire day.

I went back on-line and decided to watch funny “You Tube” videos to help brighten my spirits. It was as I was watching that the laughter came back. I started by watching funny animated videos and quickly realized this was not doing anything for me. I went back to the channel selection area and switched to animal videos, this is when the fun started.

I began to play barking dog videos and this is when I noticed my own furry friends ears perk up. I hit a video about a small dog hating the alarm clock and the next thing I knew my furry friends where right beside me sniffing and cocking their head, it was funny. Here I sat at the laptop with three dogs all trying to get a better position to see the funny sounds coming from the strange black box. This was when I had the real epiphany!

I was not rejected and I was not misunderstood. My furry friends knew exactly who I was and they loved me anyway, the head turning and the face licking told me so. Now, play that funny video again.

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