Death Threats on Congress: It’s Just a Playground

Thursday, March 25, 2010

In the midst of all else that is wrong with America right now it seems we have let the kindergarten kids run wild. We have all sorts of negative issues right now; unemployment, homelessness, depression and the elderly still being fleeced to the point they are forced to be Wal-Mart greeters. Now we have Americans threatening Senators and Congressmen. I feel like for the past couple of days I have been watching recess antics for a local kindergarten.

On one side of the playground you have the older kids (the Senators) arguing, name calling and who generally insight chaos among the playground participants. They gather in groups like picking sides for a kickball game; each wanting the strongest players on their side, even threatening to steal their lunch if they do not join their team.

When all these tactics do not work they succumb to even more juvenile antics. If they joined the other team they most likely will be shoved off the base once they have reached it, only to be tagged out. Then when they reach second and try to advance to third they are shoved into the mud puddle right in front of the shortstop. All of this in front of the smaller, less educated kids standing on the sidelines.

When older kids that are suppose to know right from wrong play dirty the young kids will follow suit. So now we have the smaller kids on the playground stepping up and rallying behind their older friends in the kickball game. These kids don’t steal their lunch they pee on it and they throw rocks and kick the guy while he is lying in the mud puddle. What do the older kids do now? They run to the teacher to tell on the younger kids.

While I do not condone the actions of the Americans who threaten or slur a politician, I do understand where this has come from. It’s just the little kids reacting to what they have been watching the big kids do for months now. 

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