President Obama; Can you spare a moment?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dear President Obama;

I’ll try not to take up to much of your time but I hear you are a politician who cares about the people. Someone who wants all Americans to have equal opportunities and equal benefits. Though I am only one American and I have had to over come many adversities in past year including becoming one of the many unemployed I do need a moment of your time.

I try not to be one who complains to much about how the government does its job but in the past several months I have become totally confused and disenchanted. I’m in need of some Presidential size answers, so if you would be so kind as to follow along I will explain.

Will you help me to understand how and why everything our government is doing is for future generations when future generations won’t be smart enough to know what we are doing? The education these generations receive  will barely allow them to read and write, let alone know how to solve a problem.

The only thing I can tell they are learning is how to be a good salesman, sell yourself, get a job. It truly does not matter that they can not even count beans. It just seems the current administration is more concerned with being politically correct than just being correct when it comes to education. Did not the three R’s get you where you are?

How is it we think we can help the world when it seems we can not even help our selves? It appears to me we can help the world rebuild, revitalize, re-economize, and even retaliate against us, but we can not ensure Americans be awarded the same fortune. Why is it a disaster in another country can cause you to leap to action to provide new homes but when a disaster happens here in America, there are still people homeless years later?

We here in America have people that only eat one meal a day, if they can find it. We here in America have people that do not have a home any longer, this once was the American dream. We here in America have communities dying due to neglect and disasters.

Exactly how does a stimulus package to rebuild roads and nuclear power plants put all Americans back to work? Excuse me for being paranoid but I do not want to be near a nuclear power plant that a CPA constructed. Common sense tells me a true stimulus package would have been a plan to bring American manufacturing back and tax the do do out of imported products. I don’t know about you but I’d rather buy American lead than Chinese.

How is it we can afford to wage a war, then rebuild what we just bombed; bail out broken and greedy banks; finance a stimulus package, send relief to another countries disaster but not be able to afford Americans? Would not what we just sent Haiti shut the Senator from Kentucky up and return him to his seat?

If it is money we need to raise then maybe its time you look in the mirror. Do you realize that not one government agency is applauded for saving money they are only encouraged to spend money? Maybe you should ask your buddies in the congress and the senate to stop giving themselves raises, ever little bit helps.

Now my final question is this, what happened to the Teddy Roosevelt’s of the world? What happen to you guys? He wanted to save National Park land; his way around it, call it something else. My point being is he had a will and he found a way. If in your heart you feel it right and right for the people, then find a way.

I hope I did not take up to much of your time but some of us Americans are just down right confused. We want to know what happened to common sense and the American way.


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