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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

As I sat down to read the most current posts of the blogs I follow I found myself wandering in thought. Try as I might I kept going over the past 24 hours and all the nuances I had gathered. Do you have any nuances that nag at you?

Take for example the term “Rushing to get somewhere.” I learned yesterday this is a mere expression rather than an actual feat.  Regardless of how hard you try to rush the universe will say, “NO, what you really need is an out of town, lost driver who insists on being in your lane." Slow down, except it, you are late.

I finally accepted the fact weather people are time filler’s for the local newscast. The weatherperson said hot, humid and no relief insight where upon I asked, “Are you even looking at the radar?” An hour later we were in the grip of a severe storm when the weatherperson cut in and said you might want to seek shelter. Duh, do ya think?

My nuance question of the day; “What exactly is the life’s mission of a mosquito?” Just when you settle down outside and finally relax the little bloodsucker’s show up. They drive you back inside only to remind you of the fact “anti-itch crème” was what you forgot at the drug store while being annoyed by the out of town drivers.

While away for the weekend I figured the dog sitter had spoiled my furry friends. Yesterday I spent retraining them to the fact that the dog pillows are theirs, not the couch or the pillow on my bed. Then I asked, ”Why are you sitting by the treats, I’m not going any where?” All three walked away snorting “Mean Lady.”

I guess the most enlightening nuance of the day was going over the household budget with my housemate. Explaining to her the budget amount for groceries was not to high and yes we do need more than popcorn, peanut butter and beer, was all very challenging.

Followed by the explanation of the house fund; no we are not going to the casino, stop smiling. But I do need gaskets for the leaky faucet and the key you broke in the front door needs replacing, not to mention that I’m tired of the cracked toilet seat pinching my rear, that is the house fund.

The past 24 hour nuances, ah, I feel better just sharing them. How about you? Isn’t it nice to know someone else has everyday nuances that are actually a nuisance instead?

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kobico said, 

I've accepted the fact that as soon as I let her out in the morning, my sweet, dainty dog will roll in the dirt, then run back in the house covered in dust, bugs and weeds, dropping them everywhere as she goes.

June 24, 2010 at 2:27 AM  
Jules said, 

Yeah, mine do that too, what's up with that?

June 24, 2010 at 5:52 AM  
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