Do You Hula-Hoop?

Monday, June 14, 2010

When I saw this photo it made me laugh and a thousand ideas popped in my head. I do not know why but I always loved the hula-hoop, it made everyone around, myself included, laugh. What were the ideas that popped into my head?

When I saw this photo (being unemployed) I though wouldn’t it be nice to require hula-hoops at work. It would be hard to disagree, argue, ladder climb, or fire someone while doing the hula-hoop.

I thought maybe if we required our Congresspersons and Senators to perform their duties while wearing a hula-hoop maybe only real issues would be addressed. Filibusters would be a thing of the past and C-Span might get a TV rating.

I thought Wow; if everyone began to hula-hoop again the world might be a better place. The same reasoning applies as taking it to work. It would be very hard for us to not be civil, human and full of laughter if we all would hula-hoop.

Of course, as I thought of those thousand ideas, I was equally nagged by as many questions. When do we stop playing with the hula-hoop and why? Is it an age thing or a status thing? At sometime did they stop making them or did they fade because they are not technologic?

What ever the reasons the hula-hoop faded, I hope this photo is sign they are coming back. I hope soon I will see families standing in their yards learning to hula-hoop again and that you have the ability to throw caution to the wind and run right out and get yourself one.

I challenge you to contact your state’s representative and ask them, “Do you hula-hoop?”


mamadew1 said, 

I have never been able to keep the hula hoop going. I'm afraid it would make me frustrated but maybe that's what the politicians need because they seem to being going round in circles and letting the people down more than they keep us up!

June 15, 2010 at 7:38 AM  
Jules said, 

I know you can hula-hoop I've seen you.

June 15, 2010 at 2:02 PM  
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