A Beach of a Memory

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The good angel finally won. So, thank you very much, I feel worlds better today. This morning though, I realized what brought on my angel struggle.

It was the longing for a beach. Being unemployed, there will be no beach trip this year. Just hearing about that fellow Earl brought back a beach trip memory I thought I might share. Hope you don’t mind.

For years we did a pilgrimage in early October to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I love the place. It is unlike any other coastal community I have visited in the US. However getting to these barrier islands can be somewhat daunting to say the least.


Blue Monday and Here's an Award

Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh, its Monday and my bad angel is in a full blown war with my good angel. I can hear the battle raging in my head and it is giving me a head ache. Monday is usually when they chose to pick on one another. Do your alter egos ever go to war?

I awoke at 5 this morning thinking it was going to be a pretty good day, you know positive thinking? It did not work. The minute I looked in the mirror my bad angel went on a torrent. This was followed by good angel trying to reason with the bad angel. By 8 o’clock I felt like I was in a bad war movie.


A Sunday Short

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I try really hard to make my Sunday posts short, day of rest and all. Today I will make no exception, I will try again to keep this short. I just have a few things to say.

First and foremost! My father is home!! YEAH, but I’m well aware the road is a long one. I just pray he knows it. They live in another city, so yesterday I only spoke to him on the phone. His voice reflected that of a child receiving everything they had asked for on their Christmas list. He was home and they did not; yet, take away his gravy and biscuits.

Which brings me to all the beautiful comments. Thank you just does not seem to even come close to what I want to convey to you but will have to do. You should know though, you kind sentiments and the fact you cared cannot be measured in mere words. To each of you I send a big Kentucky bear hug.

To my new followers. WELCOME! Thank you for being here. As you can tell I’ve been a little pre-occupied with my family but you have not gone unnoticed.

To all of my followers. I have fallen behind in visiting and commenting I know. This to shall pass. Slowly I will be returning and leaving smiles in your comment forms, promise.

To those I awarded this week. I apologize for not stating how special each of you and your blogs really are, YOU ARE!  Please check them out, each are deserving for their very own special reasons.

New Awards. I must pass on a HUGE thank you to Alex, Yvonne and Lee. They have each passed on an award to me, which I plan to take care of early next week. You three are wonderful, great, and dear to my heart, you mean the world to me.

Which by the way, I’m linking my awards to the person who presented it.

Now I’m off to rest, relax and find something calming to get into. Peace be with each of you this wonderful Sunday.


The Cycle of the Tree

Saturday, August 28, 2010

It was the first signs of autumn. Cool, sunny days with slightly chilly nights. The trees were letting go of their foliage one leaf at a time and the squirrels had started their gathering dance as they raced to collect their winter stash. “Yes, winter is not far,” she thought as a single leaf fell past her window.

Watching as it traveled downward in a slow, gentle sway, back and forth, she knew. In her heart she knew; it was looking for a softer place to fall. “Has the tree even noticed you are gone?” she questioned. To her, the leaf paid no mind and now lay solely on the ground.


Fight or Flight? I Need a Warning Label.

Friday, August 27, 2010

It seems as if an eon has transpired since last Friday. Time waits for no man and such. One week ago today, I was sitting in a hospital praying my heart out, hoping for the best and at the same time wishing I could hide in a closet until the danger had passed. Fight or flight, you know?

I realize we all have fight or flight triggers, it is part of being human. I also realize my personal fight trigger is a bit on the hair trigger side. I will fight for a cause, the underdog, and even self-protection. I will not be a meek by stander when it comes to the injustices of the world, but flight? When it comes to flight triggers, I have but two.


Award Catch Up

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Being the anal person I am I have to get this off my plate. I can not stand to have something hanging over my head, especially when it is such a lovely thing to share. Today I will catch up on the awards beautiful people bestowed on me this past week. I'm sorry if it has taken me a few days to get to this but my time is a little limited right now. I know you understand.


I'll Catch You a Cloud

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It had been a hard summer. Hot, humid, with very little rain. Crops were drying up in the fields, grass not maturing for hay; it definitely was going to be a hard winter. “Sweet pea its time to come in,” she shouted out the back door heading toward the stove.

Within moments a curly, blonde haired bundle of joy came rushing in the room. “Mommy, mommy, I found a new frog, can I keep it?” the little girl asked. “No, sweet pea, that’s gods creature it must remain where he left it, besides you need to eat and get ready for bed,” the heavy sound of worry lingered in her voice, “tomorrow is your first day of school.”

The evening passed as they carried out the their nightly routine; television, bath, story and then bed. All through the evening the little girl could tell her mom was worried, she could see it in the wrinkles on her face. As the little girl was put to bed, she reached up placed her arms around her mother’s neck and said, “Mommy it will be alright.” “I hope so sweet pea, now go to sleep, I’ll see you in the morning.”


My Hospital Observations

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First and foremost I want to express a huge THANK YOU for all the kind words and prayers regarding my father, they worked. While he is still in the ICU, he is doing well, breathing tube removed and sitting up.

While the past five days have not been enjoyable for me I have kept my eyes open. I have seen bad things; I have seen good things and some of it you just had to laugh at. I’m still recovering from this emotional journey and I think it best just to report some of my observations.


Sunday Update and Thank You

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I have been sitting here for a couple of hours now just trying to find the right words for this post; I’m not having much luck. I’m raw with emotion and have so many things running through my head I’ve made myself dizzy on a couple of occasions.

My father had what they call a small heart attack, small only in the fact they say it was a good thing. How can a heart attack be a good thing? It was good because it allowed the true picture to be revealed and the real picture?


Just So You Know.... (2)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Just so you know… I’m not sure how many blogs I will be able to visit today; my father was rushed to the hospital late yesterday afternoon.

Just so you know…
While it could be serious I have the utmost faith in God’s plan. Prayers are welcome though.

Just so you know…
Hospitals give me the heebie geebies. (I knew spell check would not get that one.)


The Whisper of the Wind

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Standing eerily still, toes balancing precariously on the jagged edge, the dark black fissure seemed evil. Scared yet curious, she slowly lowered her eyes to within. There in the emptiness of the abyss she felt it, unspeakable darkness; a darkness that could eat your soul.  Suddenly, without provocation, in a wickedly evil voice came a verbal attack. “You will not make it to the other side.”


Apparenly It Is The Mindset

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Well, I think the personal storm cloud has lifted or at least for now it has. So I’m back at this keyboard and my mind feels like a racecar stuck in neutral. Let’s pop this thing in gear and go, want to?

I will not bore you with the details of the virus that thought me not worthy of attacking but simply say I am thankful. What I would rather bother you with are a few questions. Did you know many of the children in this country couldn’t write in cursive? That these same children consider cross burning freedom of speech?


Windows Will Now Adjust

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Power up, enter password, go to browser and then you get “your virtual memory is insufficient,” windows will now adjust. I certainly hope so, this is just how my morning has gone. I’m not talking a PC or laptop either, but my morning in general.

I will not provide you a long descriptive post just a snippet. I am having one of those days when my head might explode, words turn to stuttering and my socks don’t match. Had one of those?

I have dropped, stepped on, and missed everything I’ve shot for today. I’ve written two posts and neither make a lick of sense. Getting dressed I soon realized the tag goes on the inside and zippers do break.

It is just not my day. Excuse me while I put on a rubber suit, step back for safety and slap a “Bio-hazard” label on my forehead. Please bear with me until the quarantine has been lifted.

This dysfunction usually hits in early afternoon but today it forgot our prearranged schedule. Tomorrow my friends.

The CDC is at my door.


It's a Two for One Day

Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh my, my! Yvonne started something wonderful, I'm so glad. Yesterday I received not one, but TWO awards in one set of comments, each from a blog friend. Since I began blogging I have always wondered about these awards and now I'm finding out. So without further ado, let us begin.

The first award bestowed to me came from my good blogging buddy Kathy @ Just a Happy Housewife. She is a pink sort of girl that I get a huge kick out of. You never know where this pink lady may lead you. People, check her out! She has Recipes. Kathy Thank You!


A Sunday Relic

Sunday, August 15, 2010

There it sits, intentionally placed, all neatly stacked; it was not meant to be this way. It was not meant for a corner, not meant to be perfectly stacked and yet, there it sat. A lonely, corner keeper, all battered and worn; now was its mission. Oh, what had caused this battering and wear? Why had it survived?

Surely filling an empty void to her living room decor was not the original intent; the girl began to fantasize. Fantasize about how the neatly stacked objects had reached her living room, what contents had they held and more importantly, why were they so battered and worn. Had it been intentional?


Weather from a Hillbilly

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Today I am participating in a blogfest at The Writer's Hole, my second and the topic “weather.” Now I could wrote some story that was just long enough to wet your whistle or  about the meaningless examples of why you should/should not carry weather gear, but NO! I chose to write about how we hillbillies actually forecast and describe the weather.

Growing up in a Kentucky we learn very young, that television, bad outfit wearing, out-of-state weather persons know nothing of Kentucky weather; they just have not lived here long enough. In Kentucky if you do not like the weather, just wait a day. Television is not our main resource for weather. So, exactly how does a hillbilly predict and describe the weather?


An Award, My First!

Friday, August 13, 2010

As I woke this morning and cringed from the weather forecast, another 100+ heat index day, I was not happy. Pulling myself to the laptop already sweating from just hearing the prediction, I powered up. Check your comments. “What, No way!” I then proceeded to do a scantly clad happy dance.

Yes, another first! My friend Yvonne over at Welcome To My World of Poetry has awarded me my very first blogging award. To put it mildly I am ecstatic, and now have a new sidebar placeholder for my prize. I am honored, I am proud and ever so thankful she even considered me worthy. Well, my warped thinking process lead right to this thought.


Darkness is ........A Friend

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My eyes are open and yet I cannot see, darkness does surround me. The digits on the clock glow like red evil eyes and I look away. Vaguely making out the shears jumbled to the side of each window and the outline of furniture, the darkness starts to weigh heavy. “Why is darkness so heavy?” I question.

Darkness has no enemy; it knows no bounds. Light only masks what darkness already knows and it will gladly wait for the glory of return. Darkness does not sneak, it merely is. Why then should I not be afraid? Why does my heart welcome what many fear?


What the (Bleep), Can You (Bleep, Bleep) Thank You

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I have been sitting here this morning reading the lovely comments on whether to schedule or not and by the way, I have decided to just be free. But I will look at editing my layout when time permits. Thanks Ginny The Sock Monkey, I needed that validation.

Like I said, I have been reading comments and was listening to morning television jibber in the background when a most alarming theme emerged. It made me take notice and ask myself, “What happen to the English language?” Where are these people when I play Scrabble?


Just So You Know.. It's Up To You

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

To schedule or not to schedule, that is the question?

In following many of you on a daily basis I have noticed that you have a blogging schedule. You took the time to come up with daily titles which allow you to discuss a wide range of subject matter on a given day, thus the schedule. So I have to ask, “How is that working for you?”


Three Seeds

Monday, August 9, 2010

Katie had never worked so hard in her life. Three hours into the morning and she had yet to reach the back of the garden. “My heavens it is a hot one today,” she told the spotted dog lying in the cool shade to her right. As she wiped her brow and gazed at the endless weed sprouts she thought, “I know this is hard but it is worth it, these seeds will produce.”

Katie had spent her whole life working hard, doing without what others called a necessity but she had no regrets. Her life though full of hard work had been based on the seeds her mother had planted years ago; hard work, just rewards, helping hands and a kind heart. She gazed back at the lazy spotted pup, smiled at the peaceful creature and out loud commented, “We got everything we need, don’t we girl?”


The Many Hats of an Adventure

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The sun did shine bright over Kentucky; I could find no reason not to go on my big adventure. Despite the fact karma tired to deter me, explode my hot water heater and ruined my adventure planning, I went anyway. I flew by the seat of my pants, and the adventure?

Was the “World’s Longest Yard Sale.” Yes, I braved the heat, the crowds, met the girls of my family and went on a scavenger hunt. Though it was not treasures I found that left a lasting impression. It was all the many hats, what kind of hats?


Flying By The Seat of My Pants..

Friday, August 6, 2010

Last night, during a phone conversation with a relative, I was given flippant instructions. Nothing major or life altering; just an, off the cuff, comment that stuck in my head. Now some twelve hours later the sound of that comment still echoes. What on earth, "fly by the seat of my pants?”

Now exactly what does that mean? Are there pants out there equipped with a motor and propeller blades? “I think not and that most definitely would make my rear look big.” Oh, I get it, spontaneity!


Dear Music Lover............I Have to Ask

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dear Music Lover,

I have thought many times about this and have always put it back in the “blog about it later” category. Today I’m pulling it out and I want to know what and how you feel about it.

Several weeks ago I participated in a blogfest where I was to include songs that best describe my life, a soundtrack. I had the utmost fun participating and had no problem with the songs I chose, basically because I own every song I included. Now pulling from the “blog about it later” category I have to ask, “Is music really free?”


I Am YELLOW; See Me Shine!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The internal alarm clock had sounded in her head, morning and it is time to get up. She was awake but fear would not allow her to open her eyes. Would the same dark reflection be there, that same awful reflection that cast no images yesterday?

She was trying to muster the courage to open her eyes, telling herself it was only a reflection but still a fear resided deep within. “This is crazy,” she thought. “Open your eyes, you have nothing to fear.” With that she slammed open her eyes and in the same instance saw the date flashing back at her. Oh what a difference a year makes or does it?


My Mind is in a Hefty Bag

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This blog is being interrupted for medical reasons. I am suffering right now and decided to shed light on the situation. The best way to do this, I thought, was an interview.

The following Interview occurred in my head this morning. If you follow to the end my condition/situation I think will unfold.

Question: What shall we write about today?
Answer: Captain Caveman, what happen to that cartoon character? I always loved that grimy little guy.


Listen to Words But Hear The Tone

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sitting in a local coffee shop a lady was deep in nothing thoughts. Thoughts we allow to enter our consciousness just to fill the emptiness. Scanning the rest of the thoughtless patrons her eyes stopped on a very business like woman sitting alone against a street view window. “What nothing thoughts was she thinking, why was there such a lost look on her face?”

Not wanting to get caught staring in questionable wonder the lady looked away. It was as her eyes settled back on the dancing liquid rings in her cup she heard the entry bell ring; another thoughtless patron had arrived. The lady noticed the shadow as it passed her seat but paid it no mind, “heading to the restroom,” she imagined. But the thought was broken by the sound of a voice, “Mary, how have you been, I haven’t seen you in long time?”


You Smiled, I Noticed

Sunday, August 1, 2010

As many of you know I try to take Sunday as a day of rest. Everyone needs a day to clear the cobwebs that have accumulated during the past week. Sunday is my day and rather than do a full post I just do a short thought. But before I take my day of rest……..


Going UP