Merry Friging Christmas

Monday, December 28, 2009

Today I sit here with glazed eyes trying to remember the last week. It seems as though this time of year just blazes by and not in glory; leaving you dazed and bewildered. Two days of shopping, which is one more than I like; traveling, eating, presents, more traveling, left overs, then more traveling and thus dazed and bewildered. 


Simple Things

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I took a furlow for the weekend but now I am back. I wanted to tell you about my lunch with my mother and grandmother on Friday but the afternoon went longer than expected, in fact the weekend went longer than expected; so let me fill you in on the details.

On Friday my mother and grandmother picked me up to take me out to lunch for food and friendly conversation. Now my grandmother is 91 years old, a small, frail little woman, that in her time was quite a force. I should say hidden force; she always handled everything from behind the scenes. Like if you wore a shirt she did not like; when it went to the laundry it just never returned. The funny thing was she thought we never knew. But that is another topic.



Friday, December 18, 2009

AT LAST! I am really happy right now with the appearance and content of this blog. Finally, finally. Talk about teaching an old dog new tricks. I have learned photoshop and HTML at the same time. My brain hurts. So, today I can concentrate on content.

I have been sitting here pondering this Christmas giving thing. What to give and whom to give to, being unemployed this is difficult set of questions. I have decided to give what can to family, help those I encounter that may need with what little I have to offer and wish all others a Merry Christmas. That way the last group knows I had the thought and after all it is the thought that counts. Now, let's see how many remember that adage.

I am suppose to have lunch with my mother and grandmother today so I need to get up and go take a shower. I will return and blog the adventure.

Signing off


Sort of Happy

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Okay, I am finally sort of happy with this layout on my blog space. It is a basic free design that I can modify. Since I am still new to this I needed to keep it simple and clean. Besides being unemployed "free" was the operative word in my choice. I tried a template with a lot of color but it just seemed to busy for me. After all it is the posts that are important.

With that being said, I will be back later to blog.


Wasted on the Way

Monday, December 14, 2009

Okay, I have spent the last three days looking at, reading from, and critiquing; blog pages trying to find ideas that reflect my small spot in this big cyber pond. After all the viewing and reading I have decided simple templates or cookie cutter out of the box settings are just not for me. Tomorrow I embark on a new mission.

Tomorrow I will re-do the appearance of this small cyber niche of mine and being to reflect more of who I am. Though I have no followers as of yet this has all been very therapeutic for me. I really am looking forward to getting this thing going. Please bear with me in my learning stages.

Until tomorrow.



Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Well, today I had to visit the unemployment office.What an experience that always seems to be. I come home wondering what is really going on with this country. The people unemployed today are not the uneducated, lazy folks you use to see there. The place is full of every day Americans scared to death about the state of the country.

So I leave there depressed because I use to be in a position to "pay it forward" and help people. Now, I cut coupons and turn my heat back. What an up and down journey it is to travel this road called life. I wonder though; do are leaders really have a clue? I think not. I do not under stand how infrastructure projects are going to get us all back to work. We all can not lay asphalt or did tunnels. So I'm just not sure about this jobs stimulus package.

So here is my thought for the day; Why don't we get a stimulus package from the government to re-tool our factories for the products this country so demands, put the unemployed to work in these factories and have every bit of it owned by the employees, no CEO's. Made and purchased in America by Americans.


Another Crazy Day

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another crazy day of trying to learn new things; blogging for one. Though easy to learn have never had the time before and so like many of my fellow American's I now have plenty of time.

Unemployed, past my prime and under educated (good common sense does not count anymore) I find myself pondering life's deeper meanings.


Going UP